[fpc-devel] FPC Branches

Michael Schnell mschnell at lumino.de
Mon Jul 12 15:23:50 CEST 2010

  On 07/12/2010 02:15 PM, Marco van de Voort wrote:
> But why? What does it make possible? What would you use it for in 
> practice,
> that you can't use Prism+mono for?
In fact the Prism Compiler is free - but not open source -, but to use 
the IDE and a component library you even not only need to use payed 
service by Embarcadero, but also you need to use the Microsoft Visual 

I feel that Lazarus as an IDE and component library is more desirable 
than Visual Studio. AFAIK there is no version of the Prism compiler that 
runs on Linux or Mac.

Moreover I thinks it's viable to prefer open source tools

> Like what? As said, parallel is not really Prism specific. 

See "Compiler features" in e.g.

> So I still don't really have an idea why you would want it, and what you
> would do with it, except "nice goodies" as description and probably a liking
> for "method" instead of "procedure/function".
In fact I did not test anything of this - and don't have the need to do 
so - and of course anything can be coded with what we already have. But 
if we want to go on  attracting application programmers we might need to 
support the C# and .Net - based features that  they learned in schools.


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