[fpc-devel] FCL Thread-safety

Nikolai Zhubr zhubr at mail.ru
Wed Jan 27 16:11:53 CET 2010

27.01.2010 17:49, Leonardo M. Ramé:
> Well, I had to create a simple testing application that generates
> random XML messages and stress-test the daemon.
> About Zeos, my app does not compiles against the svn version, but a
> copy of an approved (by me!) version. Every couple of months, I get
> the latest version, then compile and test, if this works ok, I copy
> the whole directory of Zeos and place it in my app's dir tree, this
> tree is a frozen version of Zeos. This way, I'm not concerned about
> changes in the libraries.
Yeah, I see. I'll probably have to work out some similar approach.


> Leonardo M. Ramé http://leonardorame.blogspot.com

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