[fpc-devel] problem with fpcres on mac

Paul Ishenin webpirat at mail.ru
Mon Jan 25 15:50:54 CET 2010

25.01.2010 21:30, Jonas Maebe wrote:
> I don't know how fcl-res deals with resources, but if it creates a 
> separate section in the object file for each resource, then that is 
> probably the problem (mach-o object files are limited to 255 
> sections). If that is indeed the problem, then instead of creating 
> separate sections it should simply put everything in a single section 
> with a global symbol in front of each resource. Dead code stripping 
> (aka "smart linking") happens based on global symbols on Mac OS X, not 
> based on sections.
As far as I can see it uses only one section.

Best regards,
Paul Ishenin.

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