[fpc-devel] Damaged .ppu problem

Nikolai Zhubr zhubr at mail.ru
Thu Jan 14 23:14:34 CET 2010

15.01.2010 0:01, Florian Klaempfl:
> I don't think that people will be happy if the compiler just deletes
> their ppus if it can't read it for any reason. The compiler cannot know
> if it can recreate the ppu when it deletes it.

Well, when a user asks compiler to compile, doesn't it also mean
"and whichever intermediate file(s) are wrong or missing, try to 
(re-)create them automatically"?

What's the point of being so carefull about unreadable PPUs?
If a user have some very important PPUs s/he care about, then s/he

- set read-only file permissions for these PPUs,
- move source files away from these PPUs to avoid auto recompilation,
- make backups as necessary.


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