[fpc-devel] Circular references and forward declarations

Wimpie Nortje wimpienortje at gmail.com
Wed Jan 6 14:29:46 CET 2010

Marco van de Voort wrote:
> Yes, but from what I remember it was canceled because the amount of
> periphery on the chip is poor. I also looked at ARM, but while there is more
> choice there, it is fragmented over multiple vendors, with multiple
> toolchains (if a free one exists at all)
What was canceled? The AVR devices is certainly not and neither are the 
GCC toolchains (one for 8b and one for 32b).
> PIC32 is only interesting because it is slightly faster and has more mem.
> But that would be more a future proofing thing, since we don't really lack
> it atm. 
I don't want to start a AVR/PIC fight because it always ends up in a 
religous war and this is the wrong list anyway. However, some of my 
reasons for moving from PIC to AVR are:
- AVR is faster,
- has usually more memory, which programs faster
- has higher code density,
- has cheaper tools (programmers etc)
- has free toolchains for all devices

The down side is that Microchip has never to my knowledge obsoleted a 
device, whereas Atmel quite often do obsolete parts which then requires 
recompiling the program for the replacement part.

> But motorcontrol parts (integrated quadrature encoder, preferably
> several) is absolutely mandatory.
I have never used motor control but there are parts intended for this

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