[fpc-devel] Circular references and forward declarations

JoshyFun joshyfun at gmail.com
Tue Jan 5 20:44:06 CET 2010

Hello Florian,

Tuesday, January 5, 2010, 7:06:42 PM, you wrote:

FK> I never looked at VirtualTreeView but I doubt that the 34k line source
FK> is a language problenm.
>> Programmer should have a choice to split it
FK> Good languages prevent programms to do ugly things :)
>> if he wants.

This is not 100% related with topic, but I would ask if one proposal
have sense in the Pascal "spirit".

In the past I had some autogenerated pascal programs, but to include
them in another unit I must manually split the files in interface and
implementation. Would be possible to do something like:

{$I InterfaceOnly C:\xxxx.pas}
{$I ImplementationOnly C:\xxxx.pas}

I think it will not include a big penalty in the parser, or maybe I'm
completly wrong ?

Best regards,

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