[fpc-devel] unexpected results with succ() and fpc 2.4.0

Stefan Kisdaroczi kisda at hispeed.ch
Mon Jan 4 16:29:41 CET 2010

Am 04.01.2010 16:13, schrieb Jonas Maebe:
> On 04 Jan 2010, at 14:49, Stefan Kisdaroczi wrote:
>> Thanks for the fast reply. No Problem to work around this one, but
>> there are 1788 succ() calls :-o in our applications :-)
>> That was the only one that did not compile. All others did compile,
>> but some of them will probably not work.
> The problem is only with integer constants. It's however quite insidious
> since even enabling range or overflow checking doesn't catch this
> compiler error.
>> If its considered a bug i'm fine. Is there already a bugtracker id?
>> Should i add a bugreport?
> A bug report is not necessary, I've just fixed it in svn trunk.

Thank you very much. I should really try the release candidates next time... sorry


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