[fpc-devel] TCustomApplication.Log(?)

Martin Schreiber fpmse at bluewin.ch
Tue Feb 16 10:35:21 CET 2010

On Monday 15 February 2010 21:45:33 Joost van der Sluis wrote:

> I think option two is the best one. Then I can use the TEventLog for
> daemon and web applications. But I'm really interested in the opinion of
> the Lazarus and MseIDE people.

What is the advantage to integrate log facility into tcustomapplication 
instead to have log procedures and a log manager as a singleton in a separate 
I think there should be as less as possible dependencies in 
tcustomapplication, so probably option two is the best.

> Although I think that MseIDE doesn't use 
> the TCustomApplication?
Correct, Michael Schnell is currently porting MSEgui tnoguiapplication to 


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