[fpc-devel] When native debuggers?

Martin fpc at mfriebe.de
Thu Dec 16 22:00:00 CET 2010

On 16/12/2010 20:47, Andrzej wrote:
> W dniu 2010-12-16 21:01, Andrzej pisze:
>> When will install native debugger FPdebugger instead GDB. It will be 
>> soon ? How install it to test?
>> ______________________________________________
> I try to compile c:\lazarus\debugger\fpdebug\fpd\fpd.lpr but in file 
> DbgDwarf.pas is :
> function TDwarfLineInfoStateMachine.NextLine: Boolean;
> var
>   pb: PByte absolute FLineInfoPtr;
> Error: absolute can only be associated with a var or const
> ("local" variable is private field)
> Compiler version 2.4.2 not compile it. Is available newer compiler ? 
> (I have Lazarus 0.9.29 from snapshot)

You need an older compiler. It appears FPdebugger is not maintained at 
the moment.

There also is http://duby.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/duby/ if you are 
For bot projects, I have no idea what the state of them is.

Since you posted that in pc, not Lazarus mailing list, I do not know if 
you meant to ask about Lazarus, but since you did ask about "install"
I don't think fpdebugger can currently run inside the IDE (I didn't find 
any place where it attempts to register)
Duby, I think has some instructions how to do that.

If this is about debugging inside the Lazarus IDE.  I believe (may be 
wrong...) using gdb still gives better results than any of the two (just 
from what I read in the past).


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