[fpc-devel] Suggestion: decomposition exe to dll

Andrzej borucki_andrzej at wp.pl
Wed Dec 15 18:47:47 CET 2010

If I install component package I must rebuild all Lazarus. It is 
time-consuming. Would be better to have separate libraries like BPL in 
Delphi. Applications compiled with FreePascal even stripped are big 
(minimal with gui has 1.6 MB, with Synedit is about 2 MB). If it 
posssible to separate fcl,lcl libraries from rest exe code?
If we want to distribute minimal exe, we not have to distribute 
libraries. This involves problem: code must works not only with library 
version strict to code, but with each higher. How solve it:
Libraries can't change too much, not remove public methods and change 
parameters, only add method. It needs to handle with calls to object 
field when ancestor object has added field. This requires intermediate 
array or late linking calls to field or virtual methods?

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