[fpc-devel] Building and running FPC natively on ARM under Debian "Lenny"

Stefan Kisdaroczi kisda at hispeed.ch
Fri Aug 20 18:51:57 CEST 2010

On 20.08.2010 17:47, Mark Morgan Lloyd wrote:
> I've previously had FPC (and Lazarus) running natively on Debian ARM,
> but I think it was "Etch"- things got a bit cloudy after that. The
> kernel being shipped with Lenny is 2.6.26-2 and I note
> If I download the binary for 2.2.2 it won't compile a trivial app as
> it stands, but if I use OPT=-CfSOFT I can rebuild it or build a 2.4.0
> that appears to work.
> Is what I am doing reasonable, or should I- as an example- be using
> 2.4.0 to rebuild itself with -CaEABI before trying to go any further?

Just a question: Why don't you download fpc 2.4.0 from debian squeeze
and install it on your lenny box?



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