[fpc-devel] Proposal: Copy-in-out-parameters

_-jane-_ at web.de _-jane-_ at web.de
Tue Aug 10 21:21:14 CEST 2010

Hello Vinzent!

You wrote 2010-08-10 In-out-parameters]:
>> Nevertheless it works whereas a simple reference parameter does not
>> directly, and that's the point of the proposal.

> Yes. In that way, properties would behave like normal variables again. I'd like that. ;)

Well, yes and no. For *copy*-[in]-out-parameters you could use properties but not for *reference* ones.
Operators are typically implemented as functions and therefore pose no problem.

> But there was a reason, why FPC doesn't support that anymore.

I don't know what that was but it is for sure a bad idea to allow getting an address of a property (for building the reference [parameter]) even if technically possible (i.e. the property is realized by a field/variable) because the realization could change and will then break the code.

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