[fpc-devel] arm embedded

Geoffrey Barton mrb at periphon.net
Mon Apr 19 13:29:49 CEST 2010

Two related questions (FPC 2.5.1):-

1	In the rtl/embedded/arm directory are three target processor files.  
The one for stm32f103 does not get compiled into the units/arm- 
embedded/rtl directory. I added it to the CPU_UNITS line in the  
makefile.fpc in the embedded directory before building ppcrossarm, but  
this does not fix it.

2	Which files have to be edited to add a new ARM chip variant? I can  
see the types in cpuinfo.pas and t_embed.pas, and the register  
definitions+startup code as above, but it is not clear to me where to  
set the correct instruction set, eg. cortexm3 rather than armv4.


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