[fpc-devel] first results of using fpc resources instead of lazarus resources

Paul Ishenin ip at kmiac.ru
Mon Nov 30 08:07:49 CET 2009

Paul Ishenin wrote:

> Of course I checked what is so uniques in that fr_page_request2.lfm and 
> found utf8 BOM at the beginning of the file. I can't find whether this 
> was lazarus or fpc who writes the BOM. I also can't understand why only 
> one file has it. I compared with other lfm files - they also have 
> russian strings and they have no BOM.

Further research shown that codetools saves LFM with UTF8 bom if 
previosly LFM had UTF8 bom. Probably I've got the BOM when edited the 
LFM file in the source editor. So this is not the FPC issue.

Anyway, FPC does not report which lfm file has problems and manual 
search for the problem file is not trivial. Error reporting must be 

Best regards,
Paul Ishenin.

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