[fpc-devel] Illegal type conversion errors in FPC 2.5.1

Juha Manninen juha.manninen at phnet.fi
Sun Nov 22 22:59:03 CET 2009


I managed to install the latest svn FPC and use it with Lazarus.
Trying to compile VirtualTreeView component I get many errors about type 
conversions, like:

  Error: Illegal type conversion: "Set Of TVTColumnOption" to "DWord"
for line
    Dummy := LongWord(FOptions);

  Error: Illegal type conversion: "DWord" to "Set Of TVTColumnOption"
for line
      Result := TVTColumnOptions(LongWord(Value and $FFFF))

Seems that integers and sets can't be casted to each other any more.
How to fix the problem?

Juha Manninen

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