[fpc-devel] Redefine FillChar() to use out parameter instead

Graeme Geldenhuys graeme at mastermaths.co.za
Thu Nov 19 11:18:37 CET 2009

Marc Weustink wrote:
>> Well, isn't that what heaptrc is for?
> No, the language should protect you from such easy to make mistakes.

I guess that's the ideal situation. Currently the language doesn't stop
me from creating other memory leaks like not freeing a TStringList or
other object instance. Using pointers can easily cause memory leaks too.
No language features to prevent those - and we all seem to get along ok. :)

> for such types) Weren't you recently involved in a discussion about
> knowing the under-the-hood implementation of automated types and

Please remind me of the message thread so I can recap. I'm part of a lot
of discussions per day, so can't remember the details of them all.

  - Graeme -

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