[fpc-devel] LLVM Backend?

Samuel Crow samuraileumas at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 11 15:48:51 CET 2009

Hello Michael,

The MIPS32 code for LLVM's code generator is out-of-date but salvageable.  If you're familiar with C++ I'd recommend anybody use LLVM for its massive optimizations, documentation and support classes.  If you want C/C++/Objective C compiler as well as other compilers working on your processor, LLVM would certainly be worth it.

If, on the other hand, you want only a Pascal compiler and don't care about the other languages, it is too soon to tell.  LLVM-FPC is still in its infancy.  I wish I could give you a more certain answer.  The best I can tell you is this:  If and when the softcores at Natami.net become available commercially, I will probably be making an LLVM backend for the 68050 rather than using the existing GCC backend for the 680x0 even though I program in C++.  Does that answer your question?

--Sam Crow

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> Samuel Crow wrote:
> > I'm looking forward to the challenges of this project. 
> I am planing for another project: doing an FPC compiler for the NIOS
> processor (which is similar to MIPS32) on a Linux target. Do you think
> it's viable to consider LLVM instead of trying to modify the "native"
> ARM FPC code generator ?
> -Michael
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