cpstrnew branch (was Re: [fpc-devel] Freepascal 2.4.0rc1 released)

Jonas Maebe jonas.maebe at elis.ugent.be
Wed Nov 11 13:51:36 CET 2009

On 11 Nov 2009, at 13:47, Micha Nelissen wrote:

> Jonas Maebe wrote:
>> No, 25 bytes. The plain ansistring 'a' is already 17 bytes on  
>> x86_64 platforms today.
> Is that because of sizeint?


> Wouldn't longint be long enough?

If you'd want to limit the length to 2GB on 64 bit systems. I also  
don't know whether all 64 bit CPUs support atomic operations on 32 bit  
entities (for the reference count).


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