[fpc-devel] documentation of csInline

Martin fpc at mfriebe.de
Sat Nov 7 04:00:42 CET 2009


the following description is found
> csInline The component is being loaded as part of a frame

Now looking at the code, I end up with the impression, that csInline is 
actually not refering to "part" of frame (which I read: component 
owned/nested in a frame), but rather applies to the frame itself? (or 
any component owning it's children.

Line in ReadCompnent:
        if csInline in Result.ComponentState then
          FLookupRoot := Result;

and other places too. A component that has csInline, becomes the root 
for all nested components

Also "is being loaded". csInline is also used in Writer => so it does 
not seem restricted to being loaded ?

Am I missing something essential, or is the documentation misleading?


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