[fpc-devel] Comparing arrays of char

Jonas Maebe jonas.maebe at elis.ugent.be
Mon Nov 2 14:18:13 CET 2009

Michael Schnell wrote on Mon, 02 Nov 2009:

> Jonas Maebe wrote:
>> a) if the array is zero-based (i.e., lower bound is 0), then the array
>> of char is treated as a null-terminated string
>> b) if the array is non-zero-based, then the array of char is always
>> checked completely
> The Delphi behavior sounds not very obvious :(.

I guess it's because C-arrays are also always 0-based (and in C a char  
array is the closest thing there is to a string). But yes, it also  
cost me quite a bit of testing before I finally figured out the rules.

> Is this true as well for arrays of char as for arrays of byte ?

You cannot compare an array of byte with another array using the  
regular comparison operators, afaik.


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