[fpc-devel] Problems using a new ld-version

Joost van der Sluis joost at cnoc.nl
Tue May 19 15:31:13 CEST 2009

Op dinsdag 19-05-2009 om 14:42 uur [tijdzone +0200], schreef Jonas
> On 19 May 2009, at 14:04, Joost van der Sluis wrote:
> > But another issue is that it always complains while compiling:
> >
> > /usr/bin/ld: warning: link.res contains output sections; did you  
> > forget -T?
> This is a new warning that was added to ld.

> > And where's -T for?
> It's to specify a linker script to ld. If you put a linker script in  
> link.res, then it gets "appended" to the internal default ld linker  
> script. If you specify it with -T, then it completely overrides the  
> default linker script. As far as I know, ld has always behaved this  
> way. The warning was added because you seldom want to append your own  
> linker script to the default one.
> However, I don't know whether it's intentional or not that FPC does  
> not override ld's default internal linker script, so I'm not changing  
> this.

Is there anyone who knows if some parts of the default linker script are
used? Peter or Florian maybe?

I think we'll get lot of questions about this when more distributions
are using this version of ld.


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