[fpc-devel] kbAltUp, kbAltDown and kbAltRight definitions under xterm terminals (in unix/keyboard.pp)

Olivier Coursiere olivier.coursiere at laposte.net
Fri May 8 23:45:05 CEST 2009


Under the Haiku terminal (implemented to be xterm compatible), the fpide 
do not recognize up, down and right arrow keys while the left arrow key 
just works.

I think the problem is a conflict between arrow keys (kbUp, kbDown, 
kbRight and kbLeft) and alt arrow keys definitions (kbAltUp, kbAltDown, 
kbAltRight and kbAltLeft). The three firsts alt arrow keys are defined 
with only one escape char while the last one is defined with two. So, 
kbAltUp, kbAltDown adn kbAltRight are defined with the same string as 
kbUp, kbDown and kbRight (for xterm terminals).

This difference was introduced in revision 2761, as part of a larger 
patch about FreeBSD xterm definitions.

Is there a good reason to define kbAltUp, kbAltDown and kbAltRight 
differently from kbAltLeft at the end of the key_sequences array ? Or is 
it a mistake ? Or is it a bug in the Haiku terminal implementation ?

When i define all Alt arrow keys with two escape chars (see attached 
patch), i can use all arrow keys in the freepascal IDE under Haiku.

Comments are welcome. I am new in this area, and i may overlook a lot of 


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