[fpc-devel] Debugger for FPC

Jonas Maebe jonas.maebe at elis.ugent.be
Wed Mar 11 13:50:28 CET 2009

Marc Weustink wrote on wo, 11 mrt 2009:

> I'm not really sure about this. IIRC the internal design of gdb is
> modeled after the STABS debug format. This means that even for DWARF,
> it internally is translated to STABS, meaning that not all contstucts
> possible in DWARF are supported. Given this I have doubts that all
> features of FPC can be implemented in gdb. (again, IIRC)

Just like FPC development, GDB development does not stand still. The  
above no longer is true (full, or nearly full, DWARF3 support is in  
the GDB Archer branch, and I have already fixed bugs in FPC's DWARF3  
information so that e.g. dynamic arrays work perfectly in that version  
of GDB).


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