[fpc-devel] Debugger for FPC

Michael Schnell mschnell at lumino.de
Wed Mar 11 12:05:15 CET 2009

> And of course "Also remember that it would be dangerous to call the 
> function from the debugger (outside the normal flow of the 
> application). This can modify the state of the application (a function 
> may change other objects)" cannot be solved by any debugger (even if 
> you'd take a complete snapshot to restore afterwards or did that in a 
> forked version of the process, I/O related things could still change 
> the state in a non-reversible/sandboxed way).
Here the "pure" attribute That gdb/DWARF should be aware of might help. 
Of course FPC would need to set this attribute automatically if the 
function in fact is "pure".


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