[fpc-devel] Debugger for FPC

Florian Klaempfl florian at freepascal.org
Wed Mar 11 11:26:07 CET 2009

Martin Schreiber schrieb:
> Using gdb has the *big* advantage to have a working environment on many 
> platforms with working remote debugging. I suspect the work for developping 
> an own debugger will be very big, have a look into the gdb sources and you 
> know what I mean...
> The main problem with gdb is the communication by pipes and the not finished 
> mi-interface, once the communication works and the workarounds for the 
> missing mi-functions are done gdb is not bad.

My main problem (if they really work) with all gdb gui frontends is that
they are dog slow compared with a good debugger like Visual Studio.

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