[fpc-devel] fcgi under windows

BoBo bobo at aborka.com
Thu Jun 11 22:39:27 CEST 2009

Well, this is just my opinion - maybe others could say something too - 
but I think it would clear up things a bit if we do the following things:

1. I think all the "Custom" variations should be removed it just 
confuses new arrival people.
Any pro will know how to make those anyway.
Or make the description detailed enough so anyone reading it will know 
what is the difference and when it should be used.
(for example we have "Program" and "Custom Program" that are barely 
differs in anything but in some units in the use clause).

2. "The Program file is automatically maintained by Lazarus" should be 
removed from the description for all of them. It doesn't say or mean 
anything to people. It was always working like this from Delphi 1 so no 
point in mentioning it. Just confuses new arrivals.

3. Simple CGI application should be removed since it is deprecated

4. "Application" should be called "GUI Application" so the 3 kinds of 
programs one can build would be more clear

Console Application
GUI Application

(maybe even listed in the above order) currently it is

Console Application
Custom Program

Same for the web development, it should be:

CGI Application
FastCGI Application
Apache Module

instead of the current:

Simple CGI Application
CGI Application
Custom CGI Application
Apache Module
FastCGI Application
Custom FastCGI Application

5. I am not sure about the FPCUnit Console Application and FPCUnit 
Application, but do we need those there for the general public or it is 
something used only for Lazarus/FPC developers?
If the latter then they all know how to make them (or they might copy 
the already existing ones and change them) and we do not need them 
listed there at all.
If we need them there, we can move those two at the end of the list.

In any case, I think it would be more simple an straightforward this way.

Any thoughts?


Vincent Snijders wrote:
> ABorka schreef:
>> BTW, there should be some explanation in Lazarus -> File -> New for 
>> people about the differences between
>> Application - Program - Custom Program ;
> I think the description in the Project -> New ... explains the 
> differences clear enough.
> If not, what are you missing?
> Vincent
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