[fpc-devel] porting fpc to Blue Gene/P: a cthreads bug

Peter Popov ppopov99 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 29 23:02:41 CEST 2009

Thanks for the earlier remarks.

> Note that by looking at the Kylix implementation in detail, you make it  
> very hard for us to ever accept run time library patches from you for  
> those part os the RTL, because you are tainting yourself this way (in  
> the sense of copyright).

I work strictly with the fpc source. The thread function in cpthreads.pp  
does call pthread_exit in the end. So far two lines of the linux code  
which sett up the thread attributes have to be undef'd in order to create  
threads successfuly on BG/P. Exact thread attribute whish is an issue is  
not yet clarified.

Looking into kylix was a desparate effort to figure out if changing  
anything in the thread setup might shed light on the mess with  
pthread_exit. Once I located the assert failure (so far only postmortem  
debugging) things became clearer.
I might get a shot at doing a live debug in the comming days, which will  
clarify matters a lot.

By the way, there is commented line in cpthreads.pp which would have  
created the new thread in detached state. Should this be removed from the  
source alltogether, it creates confusion?


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