[fpc-devel] SVN "connection was closed" error

Graeme Geldenhuys graemeg at opensoft.homeip.net
Fri Jul 10 10:36:43 CEST 2009


I have been received the following "connection was closed" error from 
SubVersion's SVN client. I have to constantly resume the connection 
after a timeout error and is very annoying. The SVN client affected is 
any 1.4x, 1.5x or 1.6x client supplied by Collabnet.

           A       fixes_2_0/fv/gadgets.pas
           A       fixes_2_0/fv/colortxt.pas
           A       fixes_2_0/fv/outline.pas
RA layer request failed: REPORT of '/svn/fpc/!svn/vcc/default': Could
not read response body: connection was closed by server
(http://svn2.freepascal.org) at /usr/local/libexec/git-core/git-svn line

It's a bug in the TCP traffic handling in all SVN clients from 
Collabnet. Here is a recent bug report about this exact issue.


The problem gets triggered on slow connections and large revisions
(commits) or large files checkouts.

Our slow connection is probably why I keep getting the issue. Even
though we have a 4MB ADSL connection, we hardly ever reach that speed.
Plus some more research revealed the shaped ADSL connection goes through
our ISP's transparent proxy, making the connection even more flaky/slow.
We are based in South Africa - I'm not sure where the 
svn2.freepascal.org server is located.

The solution (for us so far):
Luckily the FPC repository has an alternative port that it listens to as
well (port 8080) which bypasses the transparent proxies introduced by 
our ISP. Using the new port, the 'svn co ...' is flying!!!!   :-)   At Last!

I just thought I would mention this to everybody in case you were 
affected by this issue and wasn't sure why.

   - Graeme -

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