[fpc-devel] First version of FPC for iPhone SDK 2.x available

dmitry boyarintsev skalogryz.lists at gmail.com
Sat Jan 10 12:20:50 CET 2009

> Do you perhaps have an .fpc.cfg in your home directory that contains other
> unit search paths? Maybe I should modify the Xcode compilation scripts to
> ignore any configuration files, and hardcode the paths (via an option, so
> you can still change the path to point elsewhere, if you want). That would
> prevent such problems.
I'm using fpc trunk, so sometimes i have to rebuild compiler, rtl and
packages. Since building to /usr/* required root rights, i don't use
the path. I keep fpc sources and units at home directory.
And so not mess up with numerous fpc.cfg, i've modified /etc/fpc.cfg
to search for units at the home dir.

> However, it is against the iPhone SDK agreement to distribute derivative
> works, and this is includes Pascal translations of framework headers. So it
> would be quite a challenge (if possible at all) to create and distribute the
> sources of a complete Pascal program with a GUI that does not violate the
> iPhone SDK agreement terms at this time.
isn't it the same trick you've already done with the current
implementation? The only thing necessary is converter from ObjC
headers to Pascal headers. There's objcparser (objc 1.0 supported)
already available for Cocoa.

> I cannot reproduce this. Please provide the full build transcript. You can
> obtain it by clicking on the third icon at the bottom of the pane with the
> output above (the one that looks like some text lines, next to the yellow
> warning triangle).
> This error means that Xcode cannot find the assembler code for a compiled
> Pascal unit. I'll add a proper error message in the next version.

transcript is attached to the mail, hope it helps.
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