[fpc-devel] First version of FPC for iPhone SDK 2.x available

Jonas Maebe jonas.maebe at elis.ugent.be
Fri Jan 9 23:47:35 CET 2009


I'm happy to announce that the first version of FPC for the iPhone SDK  
2.x is available. It includes an Xcode template to build the demo  
application that I mentioned in my message last week.

Note that unlike other FPC releases, this installer will install the  
FPC sources (of FPC 2.3.1, svn revision 12530 of today) and a script,  
and will then launch this script in order to compile FPC (after you  
tell it where you installed the iPhone SDK, so it can generate a  
Pascal version of some required C headers). This modus operandi is  
necessary to comply with the iPhone SDK agreement's stipulation that  
no derived works of the SDK may be distributed.

* Intel Mac (because the iPhone SDK requires an Intel Mac)
* iPhone SDK 2.x installed (only tested with 2.2 though)
* FPC 2.2.2 or a later FPC 2.2.x release installed

Some features:
* Simulator support (it turned out to be trivial to add)
* the Xcode template transparently supports (requires, actually)  
integrating Pascal and Objective-C source files into a single  
* Pascal translation of the OpenGL ES 1.1 C-header from the SDK (this  
one I can distribute, because it's licensed under an SGI open source  
license), available in the gles11 unit

Please read the entire ReadMe.rtf on the installer disk image before  
asking for help. It contains quite a bit of information on things to  
watch out for (especially when using the Simulator), and how to change  
the included template when adding extra Pascal source files.

The installer disk image is available here (17MB -- there are also  
advantages to only distributing the source):

If you encounter problems with the script that is launched when the  
installer finishes the installation, please always provide the entire  
contents of the Terminal window in which the script was executed when  
asking for help.



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