[fpc-devel] Rebuild Lazarus fails for some reason

ABorka fpc-devel at aborka.com
Thu Feb 19 01:31:33 CET 2009


I'm getting
"componenttreeview.pas(41,18) Fatal: Can't find unit ComponentTreeView 
used by ObjectInspector"

On this computer (win32, XP) rebuilding Lazarus does not work.

1. Clear all lazarus/fpc directories (except the c:\pp\bin\i386-win32\ 
so there's a working FPC compiler left to build again, included in the 
PATH global environment variable)
2. Check out FPC from SVN (or svn update) into c:\fpc_svn\
3. cd c:\fpc_svn\ , make clean, make all, make install works OK
4. Check out Lazarus from SVN (or svn update) into c:\lazarus_svn\
5. cd c:\lazarus_svn\ , make clean, make all, make install works OK
6. Start up Lazarus
7. Tools -> Build Lazarus produces the above error

Therefore cannot add any packages.

in the Environment options
Lazarus Directory = c:\lazarus
Compiler path = c:\pp\bin\i386-win32\fpc.exe
FPC Source dir = c:\fpc_svn\

Seems to be something like

Any thoughts?

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