[fpc-devel] GTK 2 problems

Paul Ishenin ip at kmiac.ru
Wed Feb 11 02:22:11 CET 2009

ik wrote:

> I'm not sure what is the correct ml for this, so I sent it to both ml,
> sorry for sending it to the wrong ml.
> There is a "bug" in gtk2.pas (actually gtkfilesystem.inc) that arrives
> with FPC. It contains 3 internal functions there where removed from
> GTK.
> I found a bug report on this matter:
> http://bugs.freepascal.org/view.php?id=11837
> However, it seems that FPC 2.2.4rc1 still contains the functions that
> supposed to be removed. So I don't understand why the bug marked as
> solved.

It still contains that functions but they are placed under ifdef.

> Is there a reason why the functions still exists in the include file ?
> Or am I misreading the bug report, and I should open a new one in this
> matter ?

If someone will need them for old gtk version he/she is able to 
uncomment "// {$define HasGTK_FileSystem}" define and rebuild gtk2 
package. But majority of us ofcource will not do so :)

Best regards,
Paul Ishenin.

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