[fpc-devel] Patch proposal

Nikolai ZHUBR zhubr at mail.ru
Tue Dec 29 21:48:15 CET 2009

Hello people,

(Sorry if this appears twice on the list, I've made one attempt to
post before I subscribed to the list, and it seems it was silently

Could someone please consider the patch below.

This patch makes ThreadFunc (rtl/unix/tthread.inc) behave like the
generic ThreadProc (classes.inc).
That is, thread object will never be accessed by RTL after DoTerminate
call (unless FreeOnTerminate=true, of course). As a side effect, any
changes to FreeOnTerminate within DoTerminate are ignored.
(The reason this is important is because one may want to initiate
thread object disposal from within DoTerminate, but use another thread
to get some data from the no-longer-running thread and then actually
dispose it)

This patch is against version 2.4.0rc1.

Thank you!

Nikolai ZHUBR

--- fpcsrc/rtl/unix/tthread.inc.orig    Thu Jan 24 22:30:56 2008
+++ fpcsrc/rtl/unix/tthread.inc Sun Dec 27 14:12:20 2009
@@ -85,6 +85,7 @@
 function ThreadFunc(parameter: Pointer): ptrint;
   LThread: TThread;
+  LFreeOnTerminate: boolean;
 {$ifdef DEBUG_MT}
   lErrorAddr, lErrorBase: Pointer;
@@ -143,8 +144,9 @@
   Result := LThread.FReturnValue;
   WRITE_DEBUG('Result is ',Result);
   LThread.FFinished := True;
+  LFreeOnTerminate := LThread.FreeOnTerminate;
-  if LThread.FreeOnTerminate then
+  if LFreeOnTerminate then
       WRITE_DEBUG('Thread ',ptruint(lthread),' should be freed');

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