[fpc-devel] FPC test suite and ALGLIB

Sergey Bochkanov shadeofgray at yandex.ru
Sat Dec 12 14:11:15 CET 2009

Hello, Jonas.

> At the very least, the value of randseed should probably be written
> out on startup so that the test can be reproduced under the same  
> circumstances if it fails.

My  tests  report seed values along with names of units. I've stripped
all  error  reporting  (except for exit code) from units I've sent you
because I didn't know how testsuite handles console output. It is easy
to turn it on again.

> This will always do a full testsuite run though (which takes quite a
> while to complete, even on a fast machine). There's currently no way
> to only execute a subset of the testsuite.

Yes,  what's  with  time?  ALGLIB  takes a while to execute all tests.
About  5  minutes per pass on my 2.4 GHz Pentium Core 2 (virtualized).
It is affordable for me, but may be too slow for you.

How  much time you can spend on ALGLIB tests? If you say 5 minutes per
pass  is  too  long,  I  can  select  the  most  sensitive/fast units.
Otherwise, it is better to test all the package.

> If you want, I can give you svn write access to tests/test/alglib so
> you can easily add/change the tests there though.

Yes, that would be the easiest way of keeping ALGLIB tests up to date.

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