[fpc-devel] how to build FPC for armel

darekm at emadar.com darekm at emadar.com
Sat Dec 12 01:14:08 CET 2009

To resolve problem from http://bugs.freepascal.org/view.php?id=15312
about EABI binares (compiler says that is EABI, but its not EABI, -CaEABI
and FPC_ARMEL are enable)

I try to build  FPC for  Target OS: Linux for ARMEL (as Jonas say)

But all try was wrong
CPU_TARGET=armel : not build
CPU_TARGET=armeb : build armeb-linux, but compiler target was arm-linux
CPU_TARGET=arm CROSSOPT="-CaEABI -dFPC_ARMEL ... bug was present (notice
tat only remove -CaEABI for good configuration)

no one options to receive target: Linux for ARMEL

this is good (mentioned bug goes off) configuration
make crossinstall CPU_TARGET=arm OS_TARGET=linux
INSTALL_PREFIX=/home/darek2008/fpcarm COMPILER_OPTIONS="cpufpemu -a"


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