[fpc-devel] FPC test suite and ALGLIB

Sergey Bochkanov shadeofgray at yandex.ru
Wed Dec 9 07:54:28 CET 2009


I've  prepared  small  test  suite  based  on ALGLIB's Fast Transforms
sub-package: tests for FFT, FHT, convolution and cross-correlations, 4
tests in total.

It can be downloaded from

Test suite should be compatible with FreePascal framework: tests start
with  "t_",  additional  dependencies  start  with  "u_"  (I hope that
additional  underscores  in  file  names will be OK). Due to its small
size  this  test suite is fast (compilation+execution should take less
than minute).

This  suite  is  automatically  generated  from  ALGLIB  source, so if
everything  is  alright, then I can supply you with much larger set of

It  was tested under x86/x86_64, and in principle it should work under
other platforms (ARM, PowerPC, SPARC).

With best regards,,
 Sergey                          mailto:shadeofgray at yandex.ru

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