[fpc-devel] Possible merge candidate for fixes_2_4 in fpcbuild repository

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Tue Dec 8 08:47:32 CET 2009

In our previous episode, Olivier Coursiere said:
> Today's message about FPC 2.4.0rc1 remind me a possible merge. r718 in 
> fpcbuild repository was added while comiling rc1 under Haiku to improve 
> the install experience. It could be considered a new feature and maybe 
> too late for RELEASE_2_4_0 (as i am wake up only now...), but could be a 
> candidate for the fixes_2_4 branch. It is necessary to regenerate 
> makefiles in the fpc repository using fpcmake from r14323 to get full 
> benefits from this modification.

That last change (r14323) is merged (see updated list below). I'll look into
r718 tonight. Gtg to customer for the rest of the day

Last week I created the release branch/tag  (tags/release_2_4_0).

Roughly it contains RC1 + some debian specific packaging fixes by Mazen +
r14189 (a merge of a fix to fgl by florian)

The schedule is simple, another week for selecting the necessary patches and
then next wednesday the final building can begin. It would be great if the
documentation would be ready next weekend, giving it one or two days to
check it.

Several lazarus devels worked hard last weekend to have 2.4.0 resource
support enabled in lazarus and thus somewhat tested. (fix 4 from iirc

In the last few weeks I've built a list with candidates, which I'll number
 to make talking about it easier:

(1) NO
Things that are candidates for post RC1 fixes/patches
 - (luiz) Mantis 14707, 14709 for tprocess (in trunk less than a week)
	Reason: Only if Lazarus really stresses these aspects of TProcess

Status: haven't heard it being crucial -> denied.

 - (KMS)   german translations update (14967/14966)
        Reason: very low risk.
status: will merge.

 - mantis 14902 gettext minor fix (extra checks)

(7) has been merged, but makefiles must be regenerated globally to make

(11) POST2.4 tomas,giulio: post 2.4. John:ok
--- r14028: Fix test for go32v2


bug 14948,r14069  Otherwise the new resource support would be broken in 2.4.0?
--- merged to fixes 14311
--- merged to release 14312

I had to fix TParser too, since fcl-res uses ObjectTextToBinary to compile
dfm/xfm/lfm files.
--- Fixed in rev 14292.
--- merged to fixes2_4 as 14299
--- merged to release_2_4_0 as 14300

 - (Joost,Luiz)  r13841  (one line db components patch. Trusting db
		 maintainers blindly here)
--- fixed in r13841
--- merged to fixed_2_4 14301
--- merged to relaese_2_4_0 14302

 - mantis 15032, haiku as unix like platform
Haiku only makefile fixes.
-- trunk 14322
-- fixes 14323
-- release 14324

(8) MERGED giulio:ok
  - 717: Add fpmake_add.inc and fpmake_proc.inc to basesrc.zip
  - fixes_2_4 731
  - release_2_4_0 732

(9) MERGED giulio:ok
--- 14026: Fix compilation of redir.pp for go32v2
--- merged to fixes_2_4 14302
--- merged to release_2_4_0  14303
(10) MERGED Tomas:ok,giulio:ok
--- r14027: Increased maxpackages in installer (go32v2 packages are 29)
--- merged to fixes_2_4 14302
--- merged to release_2_4_0  14303

(13) MERGED  giulio:ok, regression
   There is also 14100 that I just committed. It is very simple and it
   just affects go32v2: I'd rather merge this too.
--- merged to fixes_2_4 14304
--- merged to release_2_4_0 14305

(14) MERGED Tomas:ok,giulio:ok
- dos installer doesn't install idesrc.  (fixed Tomas r14010, not merged)
--- merged to fixes_2_4 14306
--- merged to release_2_4_0 14307

(15) MERGED (makefile in commit)
Paul r14295 implement TCollection.SetPropName
-- fixes 14308
-- release 14309, accidentally not merged through fixes.

  - mantis 15144, patch is not mergable, but the 2 letter patch can be
    committed manually. It is very blatantly wrong, and stiffles sqllite
--- release_2_4_0 14310
(16) makefile fix compiler/utils to fix docs building (units/$FPCTARGET
created when using special target)
--- original r14253
--- fixes24  r14314
--- release  r14315

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