[fpc-devel] ARM: problem with uses VFP instructions

Jonas Maebe jonas.maebe at elis.ugent.be
Wed Dec 2 09:46:25 CET 2009

On 02 Dec 2009, at 00:23, Dariusz Mazur wrote:

> HI
> I try to crosscompile for arm (uclibc and eabi). Source and listing  
> error below.
> But when I remove dynlibs form uses section, all goes OK
> When I check link.res only few things are changed in section input
> prt0->cprt0.o
> ->crti.o
> What I should looking for.

I don't understand the errors, because FPC does not yet support VFP at  
all. So those FPC-generated object files cannot contain any VFP code.  
On ARM systems, the kind of instructions used by an object file is  
stored in its header by the assembler. Maybe you are using a toolchain  
that has not been configured for softfloat to cross-compile.


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