[fpc-devel] debug information for Variant type

Paul Ishenin ip at kmiac.ru
Tue Dec 1 11:53:59 CET 2009

Jonas Maebe wrote:

> In Stabs it is impossible to only show the actual variant value, as 
> Stabs does not know a "variant" concept. 

And lazarus does not need that. I think it would be enough to mark the 
variant variables somehow (not "void").

> DWARF does, but GDB doesn't support it yet.

We only need to disctinct Variant and TVarData. So when user want to 
watch Variable variable we will perform TVarData() cast and show the 
value ourself. When TVarData is used we will show as TVarData (iow, as 

Best regards,
Paul Ishenin.

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