[fpc-devel] Firebird shared library name change

Luca Olivetti luca at ventoso.org
Mon Aug 24 19:14:23 CEST 2009

En/na Graeme Geldenhuys ha escrit:

> Doing a search on http://packages.ubuntu.com, it seems that only the
> 'firebird2.0-dev' and 'firebird2.1-dev' packages include the symlink
> libfbclient.so. The standard firebird client and server packages only
> install libfbclient.so.2

This is standard practice on debian, mandriva and probably other 
The idea(if I'm not wrong) is that the bare .so file is only used by the 
linker at compile time, so you can install packages with various 
versions of the same library to be used by other binary packages (that 
only use the versioned .so file) but only develop for one (usually, but 
not always, the latest one) by installing just one -dev (or -devel in 
mandriva) package that just has the simlink to the corresponding 
versioned .so file, the headers and other files to be used by the linker 
(.a, .la I think).
So, in their view (and I cannot tell if it's right or wrong) a final 
program shouldn't look for the bare .so file but only depend on the 
versioned one. That way if you make a binary package, it usually will 
automatically (or manually if the packaging system isn't able to 
determine the dependency by analyzing the executable) depend on the 
correct version of the library package.


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