[fpc-devel] Definitions from gdkcairo.h missing in gtk2 package

Martin Sucha anty.sk at gmail.com
Wed Apr 22 11:45:41 CEST 2009


Marco van de Voort wrote:
>> But at moment I don't know whether 
>> it is allowed for fpc packages to be dependent on other packages. 
>> Therefore I removed cairo dependency and declared Pcairo_t (the only 
>> dependency) as pointer.
> Yes it is allowed, but it also needs mods to the build system
> (makefiles/fpcmake). Remind me in the weekend, and I'll look at it.

Sorry for not reminding you, I was busy past few days.

I also want to add pangocairo bindings and these require more cairo
types than gdkcairo (skimming through header file gives me at least
these: cairo_t, cairo_font_type_t, cairo_font_options_t). So it may
be better to add cairo as dependency and update gdkcairo.inc as
well. What do you think?

Before I start doing something I want to be sure what I want to do:
As pangocairo is distributed in separate dynamic library/shared
object I wonder whether I should put these bindings just into pango
unit or create separate unit under packages/gtk2/src/pangocairo?
Would creating pangocairo unit require additional changes to the
build system?


Best Regards

Martin Sucha

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