[fpc-devel] Excellent work you guys have done

Michael Schnell mschnell at lumino.de
Tue Oct 7 10:16:32 CEST 2008

> do appreciate all the efforts you guys put into these projects. Keep
> up the great work - CodeGear should tremble in their boots!
Their latest newsletter suggests that they are going to target .Net and 
.Net and .Net.

While I am not really convinced that this is a bad strategy, given CIL's 
technical features and flexibility, the rise of Silverlight, Mono, 
Moonlight and even commercially originated (neither Microsoft not 
community based) embedded CIL frameworks, FP (at the moment) targets 
native code and if I would want to do a Pascal .NET project I would 
prefer Oxygen (former "Chrome" over Delphi.
> Okay, that's my advertising done for the month!  :-)  

I support this, as Lazarus now finally seems to approach version 1.x :)

I do recommend Lazarus for new projects and startup-programmers. But I 
do recommend installing the free Turbo-Delphi in parallel (even if 
having to install Windows on another (virtual) PC) to take advantage of 
it's much better help system.


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