[fpc-devel] library export in Linux

Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho felipemonteiro.carvalho at gmail.com
Fri Oct 3 04:35:57 CEST 2008

wow, I just downloaded the source code of apache 2.2.9 and I can't
even find ap_hook_handler! o.O I think they removed the function.

I just looked at the apache 2.2 fpc headers, and the version info is
missing. I somehow forgot to write in which apache version the
translation was based.

based on the huge difference between our headers and the c headers
that I see, I think that the entire fpc apache 2.2 headers need to be

But I am really confused. How could apache 2.2 change so much? Maybe
it was still experimental when I did the initial translation?

And what substitutes ap_hook_handler?

Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho

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