[fpc-devel] SSE in FPC

Dariusz Mazur darekm at emadar.com
Sun Nov 30 17:15:59 CET 2008

Jonas Maebe pisze:
>> Of course tSSEVector should be declared in System unit.
>> Then  any one can use SSE intentionally
> Why can't you now? It's not like multiplication has any other meaning 
> for arrays. And declaring "magic compiler types" in the system unit is 
> something that should be avoided as much as possible (it makes both 
> the compiler and rtl harder to adapt and understand).
Of course, but SIMD is thing, which has  more and more impact to 
performance. And compiler should respect it (and do this, as Florian 
said). But till now nobody know, where compiler use SSE instruction. In 
my mind, to achieve this is declare some primitives represents SSE 
types. On one side there are "magic compiler types" but on second there 
exists in real world (most of used CPU has them). And it will be 
harmless, because its not change in language (we can use record, array) 
and is easy implement needed primitives in pure pascal. Its very similar 
to  IEEE-754: on platform where FPU not exists all function are 
implemented by hand.


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