[fpc-devel] Memory consumed by strings

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Sun Nov 23 15:13:20 CET 2008

In our previous episode, Daniël Mantione said:
> >> AFAIK there are some more elements where is is possible to get a typeinfo
> >> pointer. A compiler specialist can say more. :-)
> >
> > Well, I'm not an expert, but I can only think of enumerations. These have
> > RTTI under Delphi because they are shown in the Object Inspector.
> >
> > And afaik that's it?
> The compiler uses RTTI to copy data structures with dynamic data type 
> inside. I.e. records have RTTI because there might be a widestring inside, 
> the RTL to do e.g. an assignment correctly.

Ah, didn't know the intiializer/finalizer tables can be accessed/walked using
typeinfo too.

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