[fpc-devel] Unicode support in RTL - Roadmap

Michael Schnell mschnell at lumino.de
Fri Nov 21 17:42:11 CET 2008

> Legacy code that assumes ASCII can be used in UTF-8. Code that needs 
> to deal with higher code points needs to be rewritten 
This is any Program that formerly used (ANSIS) String and now is 
automatically converted to use UTF8 and that is to be released in 
Germany, France ....

>> With that of course the UTF8 API of LCL is not at all desirable,.
> LCL had its reasons to go UTF8.
And thus forces all users to "understand the full UTF-8 spec" and to 
rewrite their programs, even though the old code perfectly compiles and 
up to a certain extent seems to work.

This is what I think is "not at all desirable" :( .


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