[fpc-devel] Unicode support - for the 20th time... ;-)

Daniël Mantione daniel.mantione at freepascal.org
Fri Nov 21 10:05:45 CET 2008

Op Fri, 21 Nov 2008, schreef Marco van de Voort:

> In our previous episode, Dani?l Mantione said:
>> Full Unicode support is for FPC 2.4. If you need it today, widestrings are
>> your best option.
> Is it? Because that might mean yet another 2.2 fixes branch release to fix
> up the delay that this will cause to 2.4

People were complaining against the current FPC, not being aware of the 
new UTF16 string type in FPC 2.3. Perhaps it indeed needs postponing to an 
even later release, but at any Unicode support should not be expected for 


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