[fpc-devel] UnicodeString and RTL

Michael Schnell mschnell at lumino.de
Thu Nov 20 15:46:03 CET 2008

>> As long as the ANSIString and UTF8String and String types are the same to
>> the compiler this questions does not make too much sense.
> Well those all refer to ANSI string types. 
What do you mean by this ? These refer to "Byte String Types"
> I was referring to
> WideString and UnicodeString types - as is available in FPC 2.3.1
UTF8 _is_ a Unicode coding and thus UTF8String _should_be_ a Unicode 
String type (of course it is not in the current implementation, as the 
compiler can't tell it from ANSIString, but that is exactly what we are 
discussing right now.) If UTF8String is not a Unicode type there is no 
right for it to exist.

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