[fpc-devel] FPC SVN Error and Wow!

listmember listmember at letterboxes.org
Fri Nov 7 21:17:47 CET 2008

>> What data could I be pushing to the server?
> The state of your current copy of the repository; From this the server
> can determine what data it should send and what not. If there are too
> many files, this will amount to a big request, and that could cause such
> an error response.

Hmmmm.. That makes sense but I am not sure (how) it applies in my case.

Reason: I get this error quite consistently.

I mean, even when I first issued 'SVN Checkout' when there was nothing 
on my side to worry about difs and what not.

Seeing that it downloaded something like 4 GByte of data and then (and, 
only then) stopped due to server error, it implies (to me at least) that 
there is something wrong on the server side.

Anyway, thanks to you pointing out likelihood of me affecting the server 
somehow, I did some googling and it seems this is not such an uncommon 

Apparently, it has to do with Apache settings. IOW,

"413 Request Entity Too Large" problem can be solved by moving 
SSLVerifyClient from the directory level up to the virtual host level as 
found in Apache bug 39154,

See: http://svn.haxx.se/users/archive-2008-01/0689.shtml



and, for the actual Apache bug report and workaround:


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