[fpc-devel] Parallel Computing

Boian Mitov mitov at mitov.com
Tue Nov 4 08:52:52 CET 2008

Also all the current game consoles such as PlayStation and XBox 360 use the 
same approach for ray tracing. This is the reason for their impressive 

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> Very nice wrap on this one Michael.
> While architectures such as OpenMP or CUDA do not solve and don't even try 
> to solve the general case of MT development, they are very powerful in the 
> areas of image processing and DSP. Indeed we are already researching CUDA 
> for usage in our libraries. For those unaware of it, CUDA is the MT API 
> for the NVidia GPUs . My NVIdia comes with 240 cores, and can perform with 
> mind blowing speed fairly complex DSP.
> Each tool simply has its place and usage ;-) , so does OpenMP . That does 
> not mean that it is the magic wand for solving MT, it is just another tool 
> that we can use.
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>  Boian Mitov

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